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EMF EURO 2017 supports Shoes4Life

7.2.2017 / EMF EURO Team

The European Minifootball Championship in Brno will not be just about scoring goals and magical feelings of victory. But it also helps a good idea. The European Minifootball Federation is a proud partner of Shoes4Life, which supports sport in developing countries.


This charitable project founded five years ago by an advocate Markéta Haindlová works in a simple way. If you have useless, but preserved football boots, take them to the collection point to the stores of the fashion brand Camp David or send them to the address of the Czech Association of Football Players. Your football boots will be donated to people who need them, and what is more, you will receive a 20% discount on the purchase of a new pair of boots.

The event helped the children's home in Rwanda and Kenya and also to the Fernando Neves´s football school in Cape Verde, and it continued to the Philippines. Its initiators sent out more than five hundred pairs of boots. Among others its founder presented the project Shoes4Life in New York at a conference Save the Dreams, where she was also supported by an ice hockey Stanley Cup champion Patrik Eliáš. "I would like to thank the donors, the football celebrities, simply to everyone who helped us in any way. Our activities are promoted by the United Nations, UNICEF and by the High Commissioner for Refugees and all these people deserve our thanks. I am very proud to present Shoes4life here in New York and I believe that we will stay in their good graces also in the future," said Haindlová.

The charitable project is promoted by a number of sports celebrities, such as the winner of football Champions League and European vice champion Vladimír Šmicer, by the European League champion Tomáš Ujfaluši, by the former Czech national team member Horst Siegl or by footballers and TV experts Josef Němec and Martin Hyský. Together they made a series of special photographs. "In our family, a pair of shoes is consumer goods; we have one for the gym, other for football, jogging, or to match with a suit, another for everyday use. Thanks to this initiative we suddenly realized that in the world there is a lot of people for whom the mere wearing of shoes a great luxury," said Šmicer.

Brno, Czech Republic

Czech republic

The Independent Czech Republic was established on 1. January 1993, covers an area of 78,866 km² and for now, has over 10.5 million of inhabitants. Nearly four hundred thousand of them live in the second biggest city called Brno, which lies on a confluence of two rivers Svratka and Svitava.