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InStat officially on EMF Euro 2017 in Brno!

11.6.2017 / @jrk

InStat officially on EMF Euro 2017 in Brno!


Futbalito provides enhanced statistics and analytical services for any team, same as for individuals. However, would you like to see more detailed graphs, analysis and eye-friendly infographics? Try out InStat!

InStat is currently available in the Futbalito mobile app at EMF Euro 2017 in Brno.

How can you get your InStat account? Go to any match detail in the Futbalito App and hit the green InStat icon! It will lead you step by step to all you’re looking for.

EMF 2017 Germany 3 - 4 Bulgaria

Brno, Czech Republic

Czech republic

The Independent Czech Republic was established on 1. January 1993, covers an area of 78,866 km² and for now, has over 10.5 million of inhabitants. Nearly four hundred thousand of them live in the second biggest city called Brno, which lies on a confluence of two rivers Svratka and Svitava.