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Czech team destroyed Israel and in Last 16 calls Bulgaria

14.6.2017 / AMF

Brno – In ten minutes showed, who is the favourite of tournament and who the outsider. Czechs at European championship in minifootball hosted in Brno shot 7:0 Israel, after ten minutes led by four goals.


In the basic group A finished on second position behind Hungary. „The tournament just begins and we must to confirm the win. I don´t want to say that Israel was bad, but the win was mandatory. We should win the group, now we are going to face harder opponent and we have to handle it,” said Czech captain Michal Uhlíř.

In stage Last 16 will czech team play on Wedensday, 20:15, with Bulgaria who won the group B. An year ago Czech beat Bulgaria in the basic group by one goal in additional time scored by Tomáš Kunovský. “"The Bulgarians play great. They have a completely different team, they are fast and skilled on the balloon. They deserved to win the group and will be a heavy opponent, like everyone in the eight-finals, "the Captain had clear.

Stadium “Za Lužánkami” was home to three thousand spitting fans. "To admit, I do not feel the pressure. I'm glad to play here, at home it's an occasion. A match from a match we feel better, the first we were nervous, but we would have seen it the same, even if we played outdoors. With every match, the game sits down and I think it will be graduating," said David Bednar, the defender of the national team.

The score with Israel opened in the third-minute Uhlíř. "I do not even give a lot of goals in Prague on Hanspaulka, but I'm glad I gave the first goal and probably helped us to calm down. Then we added the remaining six goals, thank God for it," he said.

In next seven minutes scored also Jan Koudelka, Stanislav Mařík and Tomáš Mička. "We didn´t want Israel to give us a stupid goal and didn´t go mad, the guys played fantastic in the second half," Uhlíř said.

After the break, the beautiful combinations of Ondřej Paděra, Michal Salák and Bohumír Doubravský ended. "I hope we had a settle down, we will play like this and we will show similar performance. Bulgars won´t stay back and will play with us openly. Now starts the different tournament, until now we played against three opponents who were preventing behind the half," The captain said.


Czech Republic – Israel 7:0 (4:0)

Goals: 3. Uhlíř, 7. Koudelka, 8. Mařík, 10. Mica, 24. Paděra, 28. Salák, 35. Doubravský. Referees: Potter, Peynov – Nicoale, Gheorghe. YC: 21. Bíro – 11. Yoash, 29. Kuzmin, 32. Adani. Spectators: 3000.

Czech Republic: Gruber (21. Bíro) – Uhlíř, Bednář, Koudelka, Paděra, Mařík – Hakl, Doubravský, Levčík, Salák, Mica – Režný, Macko, Polák.

Israel: Rodinov (24. Milstein) – Adani, Dabush, Koren, Scher, Stolero – Abitbul, Cohen, Hamo, Kuzmin, Nave – Yoash, Zeharia.

Brno, Czech Republic

Czech republic

The Independent Czech Republic was established on 1. January 1993, covers an area of 78,866 km² and for now, has over 10.5 million of inhabitants. Nearly four hundred thousand of them live in the second biggest city called Brno, which lies on a confluence of two rivers Svratka and Svitava.