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Slovenia - finalist od mini EURO!!!

30.11.2014 / Vlado Perović

Germany was on the comeback way but Flisar and Zorko managed to give Slovenia place in final

b17c28bf3ccf9d719119e36808cfe08d.jpg In the thrilling match Slovenia was at their best in this tournament playing attractive and efficient football. Three early goals from Zorko, Balažić and Kovačec were real blow for hope of German national mini football team. Than they showed real fighting spirit and scored two goals to short the distance. Slovenia managed to score another one with Zorko, Jagenburg hold close Germany with goal in 39th minute but than Flisar reacted with brace and Slovenia went to big final.
Germany – Slovenia 3:6 
7’ 0:1 No.97 Slovenia Darko Zorko 
11’ 0:2 No.24 Slovenia Marko Balažić 
12' 0:3 No.20 Slovenia Srećko Kovačec 
14' 1:3 No.11 Germany Tigin Yahlioglu 
33' 2:3 No.12 Germany Florian Thamm 
37’ 2:4 No.97 Slovenia Darko Zorko 
39’ 3:4 No.9 Germany Daniel Jegenburg
40’ 3:5 No.89 Slovenia Mitja Flisar 
40’ 3:6 No.89 Slovenia Mitja Flisar 

Brno, Czech Republic

Czech republic

The Independent Czech Republic was established on 1. January 1993, covers an area of 78,866 km² and for now, has over 10.5 million of inhabitants. Nearly four hundred thousand of them live in the second biggest city called Brno, which lies on a confluence of two rivers Svratka and Svitava.