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Romania and Croatia in final game of miniEURO in Vrsar

26.9.2015 / Goran Čičin-Mašansker

Two exciting and close matches were played in semi-finals of miniEURO 2015. in Vrsar.


Romania won 2:1 (1:1) after penalties against Czech Republic, and Croatia edged Bosnia and Herzegovina 3:2 (1:1), also after penalty kicks.

Radu scored for Romania in 2nd minute, and Cenek leveled result at 25th minute.

Romanian goalkeeper Radulecsu saved shots from Turtenwald and Cerny, and Visek saved penalty kick from Radu. Koudelka scored for Czech Republic, Popa and Tanase for Romania.

In second semi-finals Lovrinovic brought lead for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2nd minute, but Herceg scored for 1:1 in 9th minute.

Loborinec and Smok scored for Croatia from penalties, and Lovrinovic found the net for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Orlovic missed for Croatia, Jukic hit the bar for Bosnia, and croatian goalkeeper Habazin saved last penalty taken by Vujica for big croatian celebration in Vrsar.

Romania and Croatia meet each other tonight at 21.00 in final game of miniEURO 2015.

Brno, Czech Republic

Czech republic

The Independent Czech Republic was established on 1. January 1993, covers an area of 78,866 km² and for now, has over 10.5 million of inhabitants. Nearly four hundred thousand of them live in the second biggest city called Brno, which lies on a confluence of two rivers Svratka and Svitava.